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RE:V - Junpei by SimplyLiah RE:V - Junpei by SimplyLiah

Name: Junpei

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9

Weight: 150 lbs

Birthdate & Star Sign : June 14 (Gemini)

District: Hosoo

Education/Job: Kicked out of HighSchool

Team: N/A

Tag Tattoo Location: TBA

AllMate: Species: Spotted Genet/ Name:Taro / Gender:Female / [ overprotective, sweet, cuddly, and a bit fiesty.]

Personality: Leaving home has made Junpei quite independent,Initially he comes off as serious but most times he is often reckless
 and chaotic. Though most of the time he tends to do the right thing, his methods are
generally disorganized and disruptive to society. He has an issue with authority which he rebels against often.
Junpei also tends to create conflict in a team/group when he feels pushed around. He can be quite bias(towards the rich).Even
though he does not have evil intentions , he may do bad things punishing people who do well for themselves.
only if it benefits the greater good. Over all he is Good hearted and free spirited.


Born in Nakasu.

Junpei is from a Middle Class family made up of just him and his mother. In all of Junpei's years he had never met his biological father. All he knew was that he was an Upper class man (from Tara) who his mother had worked for. Leaving out the fact the man was in fact a Married Man.

When the pregnancy was revealed to his "father" , he immediately tried to pay her off to get rid of  "it".
And though she wasn't quite ready to raise a child on her own. She refused his money and decided to keep the child.

Growing up Junpei was awfully close to his mother. He was always well behaved and always brought home good grades.
As the years went on, the effects of being a single mother grew tougher. They began to have money issues, leaving them half the time broke and hungry.The worst it got the more desperate his mother became.

Not to far after the problem arose, she began to date a man with a growing business and soon after decided to wed.This relationship angered Junpei.

After his mother had married, things took a turn. At 15 Junpei began to rebel. He began to use his talent with computers to hack into the schools mainframe, altering grades and attendance sheets for money. Though he was incredibly smart, he was quite reckless. An amateur in covering his tracks, Junpei was caught various of times which led to him being kid out of his school.

 This was the last straw for Junpei's new controlling father figure.

Junpei was then given 2 choices. Either he joined military school over seas or he was out of the house for good. Either way the man planned on getting rid of him. Looking to his mother to take his side, he was left to fend for himself.

Though it pained him to choose to leave. It pained him more to see his mother let some man decide his fate.
With that Junpei along with his allmate Taro, left to start their new life in Hosoo.

After a year of settling in his new district. Junpei began to hang with different crowds most of them bad. Some tried convincing him of joining the games. Junpei has always knew of the Rhyme games but never interested back when he lived with his mother. But once he was left to live on his own he had alot more time on his hands. So he decided to sign up and try it out. The rhyme game gave him some sort of a rush, a bit like a drug. He loved the fact of winning over territories , since he sorta just lost one of his own, his home.

Relationships: Taro-Allmate: At a very young age Junpei always asked for a younger sibling who he could take care of and protect. Instead his mother had gotten him an all-mate. A spotted Genet. Though Taro wasn't human, Junpei loved and cherished his new friend. Forever getting into trouble together.

Likes: +Rhyme
           +lollipops (' 7 ')/
           +doing things HIS way
           +taking from the rich
           +giving to the poor

               -the cold
               -spoiled brats

Additional Information:
-greatly enjoys free perks
-is good at games that trick people out of money
-Excessively uses initials or acronyms for common
AND uncommon phrases and doesn’t bother to explain them.
-takes stupid bets/dares for small amount of money
always has change in his pocket to give to beggars or the homeless?

RP sample:
Junpei's eyes scanned the newspaper in hope of finding a job opening. "Nothing." he slammed down the crinkling paper book on to his rugged old table. Burying his face into his hands he lets out a loud sigh. "How the hell am i suppose to make rent without a job?" his voice muffled by his hands. Taro huffed and stared over at him. Junpei peeks through his fingers. "Oh don't give me that look. Its not like it was my fault I got fired" Taro rolled her eyes and huffs again, calling him out on his bull. "Fine, fine. It was my fault but you know--" he was suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door. A bit surprised by the sudden visit Junpei peeked into the peep hole, and their stood his landlord with his group of thugs. "Dammit.." he hissed. "Taro get ready to run. These people don't look to happy." The banging got louder the longer they waited. Junpei quickly grabbed his go to backpack and head straight for the window. Half way out, the door was then kicked open. "He's making a run for it! Get him!" With no hesitation, Junpei and Taro jump out into the fire escape making their get away.

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